Academic Achievements

Academic Excellence Delivers Outstanding Academic Achievement 

Madison Country Day School and its students have created an exceptional track record of academic achievement, meeting or exceeding the results of top independent and public schools around the country on a range of standardized examinations, from the ACT and SAT to independent school exams such as the ERB-CTP-IV. Beyond test scores, we are extremely proud of the ever-growing body of accomplishments of our graduates who attend best-match public and private universities and colleges around the country and world. MCDS graduates are thoughtful, articulate, community-oriented, and understand the indelible connection between hard work and success.

Superior SAT Performance

SAT: Average MCDS score is 348 points above national average (MCDS: 1846, ISACS: 1777, National: 1498).

Superior ACT Performance

• ACT: Average MCDS score is 7.6 points above national average (MCDS: 28.6, ISACS: 26, National: 21).

MCDS High School Graduation Rate: 100%
• Among our 63 graduates to date, MCDS celebrates: four National Merit Scholars, four National Merit Commended Students, three National Hispanic Recognition Award recipients, and one National Achievement Scholar.
• Typical merit aid award of MCDS graduate is $20,000-$25,000, renewable each year.
• MCDS graduates have been accepted to over 90 colleges and universities.  Check the college list to see where our students have been accepted.

Superior International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam Performance
• MCDS IB exam scores have consistently exceeded national averages and met or exceeded world averages.
• MCDS IB Diploma rate is 89%, significantly higher than the national rate.

WKCESuperior WKCE Performance
The Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam (WKCE) is given in Wisconsin public schools every fall to ensure state academic standards are being met and measure proficiency levels of certain subject areas. 

• WKCE: Nearly 100% of MCDS 4th, 8th, and 10th graders scored advanced or proficient in every category.

Superior ERB CTP-IV Performance
The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) is a non-profit educational service organization conducting student assessment for independent and suburban schools since 1927. The organization’s exams are administered in over 1,500 independent and suburban schools around the world.
• MCDS students continue to perform at a level equal to or higher than their peers at other independent schools.
• The average MCDS student placed at the 91st percentile nationally and nearly the 60th percentile of other top independent schools.