The Prairie Hawk Merit Scholarship

Start here. Fly high.
Soar through a world of possibilities…
Be a Prairie Hawk Scholar

For new students applying for middle and high school.

The MCDS Prairie Hawk Scholarship is more than just a scholarship—it is a launching pad for tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders.

MCDS Prairie Hawk scholars are known for their:
• fierce work ethic
• relentless pursuit of learning
• creative approach to challenges
• commitment to their communities

MCDS delivers Prairie Hawk scholars the benefits of:
• personalized attention from smaller class sizes
• world-proven curriculum producing critical thinkers and effective communicators
• talented, passionate faculty dedicated to each student’s success
• appreciation for diversity within a community of engaged fellow students
• great opportunities for admissions to and success in college and beyond
• limitless boundaries for how high you can fly

Quick facts:
Eligible scholars: New students applying for middle and high school
Merit scholarship award: Award types include renewable and one-time awards. Award levels are at the discretion of the Prairie Hawk Scholarship committee. 
Submission deadline (for the 2019-2020 school year): February 15, 2019.

MCDS does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in its admissions policies.