The Role of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the long-term health and viability of MCDS.  We are the guardians of the future of the school.  We assess the school’s mission regularly, hire the Head of School and provide the Head, the administration, and faculty the resources and support to manage the day-to-day operations of MCDS. We also develop and approve institutional policies, plan a strategic future for MCDS, and monitor and evaluate the school’s success. One of our foremost roles is as financial steward—in personal giving, oversight, and encouragement of gifts. Our collective expertise offers a rich and varied set of perspectives as we deliberate as a board.  We can separate decisions that are good for the school from our own children’s interests. We speak with one voice regarding board decisions and add significant value to the life of MCDS. We are consummate supporters of all facets of Madison Country Day School.

Prestigious community members bring their wisdom and talents to bear as volunteer members of the MCDS Board of Trustees. We are fortunate and grateful to have their guidance and support as they serve as the stewards of the Madison Country Day mission. Such strong backing benefits the school and each and every MCDS student.

2022-2023 Trustees

Carolyn Chandler, MA, Trustee
Education Consultant, Partner, Strategic School Leadership, LLC

Lindsay Ferris, BA, Trustee
Director of Brand Strategy, UW Health

Laurel Frazer, JD, Trustee* Former attorney now focused on motherhood, philanthropy, and volunteerism.

James Hallick headshot

James Hallick, BS, Board Chair*
President, Hallick Holdings

Nathan Herbst, Trustee*
Software entrepreneur; Founder, Paradigm

Tracy Koziol, MD, Trustee*
Former family medicine physician, now community organizer

Sobia Kirmani-Moe , MD, MSW, Trustee* Pediatric psychiatrist and social worker at Collaborative Solutions in Psychiatry

Mona Muldowney

Mona Muldowney, MBA, Trustee, Manager at the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Lauren Powell, JD, Trustee
Corporate Legal Vice President; Assistant Secretary, American Family Insurance

Scott Nagle, MD, PhD, Trustee* 
Cardiothoracic radiologist at the University of Wisconsin and is the director of the Radius image analysis core lab.

Richard Shepley, MA, Board Secretary*
Senior Director of Investments,
University of Wisconsin Foundation.

Andrew Rittenhouse, BA, Trustee*
Owner, Rittenhouse Brothers; Realtor, Sprinkman Real Estate

Alan Steinhauer, BS, Trustee*
Broker/Owner, Steinhauer Real Estate Development.

Linda Yu, PhD, CFA, Board Treasurer*
Professor, Chair for the Finance and Business Law Department at UW Whitewater.

*Madison Country Day School Parent