Greetings from Dr. Pernambuco-Wise 

Dear MCDS Community,

I have lived in four countries and various states in the USA; however, prior to September, I had never visited Wisconsin. It was thus with a sense of adventure and curiosity that I arrived in Madison. Who will I meet? What do the locals eat? Will I make new friends? Is this a place where I could be happy?

Before even a single one of my questions was answered, I felt warmly welcomed. A basket of delectable Wisconsin edibles awaited me in my hotel room. That evening, I met several Board of Trustee members at a local restaurant. Far from being members of an interviewing committee, they seemed more like long lost friends.

The following day, stepping onto MCDS’ campus, everyone greeted me warmly, beginning with the all-school assembly. How serendipitous to find a pink and purple flower (for my hair) just in time to celebrate Pink and Purple Day with the Kindergarten pupils! A lightning and delightful immersion into the daily life of MCDS followed. I have visited many schools in my three decades as an educator and it is rare to find a place that exudes such excellence and joy. Pupils who I had never met paused to say hello; laughter rang through classrooms; and adults bustling about their daily duties, lingered just long enough to express their pleasure at welcoming a new person into the fold.

Departing MCDS at the end of my whirlwind visit, I sensed that it was a place where I could feel at home, a place whose inhabitants are kind, warm-hearted and filled with goodwill. Imagine my delight to receive the call that I was chosen to be your next Head of School! Together we will explore, learn and play. I am honoured to accept the charge to lead MCDS. My husband, Paul, and I look forward to becoming an integral part of your community, come July.

Excitedly Yours,
—Dr. Pernambuco-Wise