The mission of Madison Country Day School is to provide an intellectually stimulating, personally enriching, and academically challenging program in the liberal arts and sciences to an able and diverse student body. Furthermore, we measure the curriculum and student achievement against the finest programs in the world. We also contribute to the larger community by developing effective educational programs to serve as models for other private and public schools.

Our mission is grounded in two key beliefs about children and learning:

  • Every child possesses an extraordinary capacity to learn.
  • Effort is generally more important than ability.

These beliefs drive our decisions, inform our curriculum, and inspire our teaching and learning. They are touchstones to which we return again and again.

Expected outcomes

From this shared mission and set of beliefs, we have established a series of expected outcomes. We expect all students to:

  • Read fluently and critically;
  • Write clearly and authentically based upon knowledge and personal experience;
  • Speak persuasively, able to challenge others’ beliefs and articulate their own;
  • Reason carefully, analyze complex situations, discover connections, and solve a wide range of intriguing problems;
  • Listen attentively with an open mind to ensure they are understanding the words as well as the meaning of the speaker;
  • Possess the confidence and strength of character required to both love and critique themselves;
  • Become confident, capable, humble, and interesting life-long learners. We take pride in developing students that are not only intellectually astute, but also engaging and personable.