Strategic Planning

In spring of 2012 MCDS’ second Strategic Plan came to life following a year of dialogue with all members of the community. As the school evolves, the Strategic Plan envisions thoughtful expansions to the facility to serve our students and our mission.

As of spring 2019, the Board of Trustees has commenced a new Strategic Planning project, launching the effort with listening sessions, surveys, and discussions.  A new Strategic Plan framework will be used in the 2019/20 school year, with the Head of School updating the plan as needed with input and approval from stakeholders for the 2020/21 school year and beyond.

Campus Master Planning

The Campus Master Plan was created by many contributors including the Campus Development Committee, the Board of Trustees, our architectural partners at Bray Architects, our builder, Findorff, and our community of teachers, students, and parents.

Master Plan Guiding Principles guided the process of creating a vision for our campus. At its heart, this plan proposes visionary ideas for creating ideal learning environments for MCDS students. It creates the spaces to allow our students to excel and thrive all the while honoring both the invigorating campus and our desire to remain one school, under one roof, welcoming student Prairie Hawks of every age.

MCDS’ Board of Trustees approved the Campus Master Plan in the fall of 2014 and is currently engaged in creating the strategies to bring this compelling vision to life. Look for future Head’s Coffees for updates on our progress.

Our Campus Master Plan ensures the realization of the School’s strategic priorities. Our future is clear: MCDS’ thriving Lower and Middle School and growing High School require:

Campus Master Plan Process

In March of 2014 J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc., and Bray Associates Architects facilitated a series of input sessions with MCDS stakeholders. These sessions sought to prioritize key improvements, in line with the school’s mission and Strategic Plan. Constituents were asked to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within the current facility. Input was then prioritized based on urgency of need and relevance to the MCDS Master Plan Guiding Principles. Throughout the process assumptions and conclusions were tested through the ongoing input from constituent groups, particularly the academic faculty, parents, and students, and survey data.