Our Curriculum

MCDS is committed to measuring our curriculum and student achievement against the finest programs in the world. Academic excellence at MCDS begins with a rigorous, world-class curriculum, immersing students in the arts, sciences, and languages from the moment they step into a classroom. Combined with small class sizes and instruction that challenges and supports each individual student, the MCDS curriculum is the cornerstone of an exceptional college-preparatory education.

Our Approach

Students do not simply memorize facts. To think like a scientist or historian takes much more than knowing information. Students and teachers engage in our curriculum through a combination of in-depth discussions, seminar-style classes, and projects that explore real-life applications. MCDS graduates are well prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead as tomorrow’s leaders with strong analytical, idea generation, and communication skills. Further, an emphasis is put on interdisciplinary understanding, so that our students are prepared to address the complexities that await them when they graduate.

Our People

We live in a time when information and facts are available in the palm of your hand. Thus, a world-class education requires teachers dedicated to helping students make sense of those facts and understand what they know in the context of a rapidly changing world. MCDS teachers do this, all while knowing our students as individual people and learners. At MCDS, our experienced and dedicated faculty recognize and encourage the many talents of each student.  In small classes of peers eager to learn, students form lasting friendships and working relationships with teachers committed to their success, allowing each student to truly soar.

Lower School

Middle School

High School