What is Flexible by Choice?

Our innovative Flexible by Choice program offers every community member the opportunity to choose between in-person and online learning options*—and the flexibility to change that choice—during this worldwide pandemic. We believe this is a very personal decision that every individual has the right to make for themselves.

* When the in-person option is available, subject to pandemic conditions

Extraordinary in Every Mode

Our extensive preparation for delivering both in-person and remote learning options gives MCDS the unparalleled ability to pivot quickly if and when public health or government authorities issue new mandates.

Facing the challenges of the pandemic, our goal is to provide as much in-person instruction as possible for those who want it, while always considering the health and safety of our entire community. Our Flexible by Choice program is available whenever pandemic conditions and public health guidelines permit, and we remain ready to shift into our outstanding hybrid or remote learning modes when circumstances require it.

Whether your child is attending MCDS on campus or from home, you can be confident they’re receiving the best possible education in a safe environment and a connected community.

  • The school, and all of you, have done an EXCEPTIONAL job at transitioning to remote learning. Even if school is closed next year, I am pleased with the education you are providing and will continue our enrollment.

    —Middle School parent

  • When a grandparent asked one of our students how their new school was, here is her response: 'It doesn't feel like a new school, I am so comfortable there.'

    —Lower and Middle School parent

  • The responsiveness of every single teacher with my questions has been outstanding. When my son had a rough day, Ms. Dickman reached out to him personally and talked to him and then followed up with a postcard. Thank you!

    —Middle School parent

  • My daughter really likes her advisor, she is now so independent, and is excited to start school. MCDS is proving actual Zoom lectures, structure, and expectations—this is better than we ever imagined. When she is done for the day, I hear her giggling in her room and she is texting with her new friends.

    —Middle School parent

  • Everything is going so well, the teachers are enthusiastic, orientation was great, we got to meet other new families, and now our son really likes school.

    —Middle School parent

  • My daughter is doing great! She is loving all of her classes and teachers. Girls in the class have already added her to a group conversation. I am so appreciative for everything MCDS is doing and has done.

    —High School parent

  • We are so impressed with how everything is working. This is far better and is going  smoother than we ever thought possible. Our son is loving his art teacher and projects.

    —Lower and Middle School parent

  • My child wakes up happy and heads to the computer to school, and after school he tells us about his new friends.

    —Middle School parent

  • We are honored to be with MCDS! Everything is fantastic, we couldn't be happier, and the virtual school is phenomenal. Even the car line isn't bad.

    —Lower and Middle School parent

In-Person Learning at MCDS

Learn in a safe environment on our inspiring campus.

Your child’s safety is our top priority. Our rigorous safety precautions, small class sizes, spacious classrooms, and expansive 40-acre campus ensure your child stays safe and healthy while learning in person.

Online Learning at MCDS

Learn from live teachers, connect with classmates, participate in community activities.

Your child will attend real-time classes with live teachers. Remote and in-person classmates all attend the same classes at the same time. MCDS has devoted significant resources to offering virtual students the same outstanding curriculum—and the same opportunities to participate in events, sports, and social activities—as in-person students.

... or contact us directly to learn more!
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