Please e-mail to request transcripts. Request transcripts at least two weeks prior to your deadline. Provide full details about where and how the transcript should be submitted.

Please note the following, so that we will be able to fulfill your request in a timely manner:

  1. Transcripts should be requested at least two weeks before the deadline for receipt.
  2. If you are a parent of a student who is 18 or older, please direct your son or daughter to make the request.
  3. Please provide the student’s full name and the last school year in which he/she attended MCDS.
  4. Please indicate how to deliver the transcript and provide the full mailing address, a fax number, a link for uploading the transcript electronically, or the e-mail address to which a pdf of the transcript should be sent.
  5. If you want a transcript faxed or e-mailed to a college or to a summer program, please make certain that they will accept delivery in this way.
  6. There is no charge for transcripts sent by fax, e-mail, uploaded electronically, or sent by regular first class mail.
College Advisor Matt Koehler will e-mail you to let you know that we have sent your transcript.