Art at MCDS

by Julia Taylor, HS Art Teacher

The MCDS visual arts courses encourage the development of well-rounded and erudite artists. Through inquiry, investigation, reflection and creative application, students develop appreciation for diversity in art, aesthetics, and expression. Art students gradually move from teacher-guided art and research projects to independent selection of theme, content, materials, and style for their own artworks and investigation.

Our curriculum balances four learning concepts: creativity, production, connection and evaluation. Students expand their creativity by recognizing that the art-making process is fluid and allows for revision, new knowledge, and ideas. Assignments stress production and repetition to develop confidence and proficiency in using various art materials, techniques, and processes necessary for effective visual communication. Students explore cultural and historical connections among texts, artworks and artifacts to place art-making in context with other disciplines and humankind’s history. Critical thinking develops each student’s evaluation skills, decoding the purpose and artistic intent of fellow students and other artists. Together, these four key concepts help students become critically informed artists and focus their knowledge and understanding of art practices to develop their own artistic voice.

Julia Taylor
Art Department Chair; HS Art