English at MCDS

by Mark Childs, HS English Teacher

The mission of the English Department is for students to understand how the formal qualities of language shape meaningful reading and writing. Accordingly, the MCDS English department teaches students to explore a variety of human experience and emotions through reading influential literature and writing in many genres, to develop reading strategies to closely read, question, engage with, and appreciate a variety of texts, and to develop a personal writing process that enables them to respond to the rhetorical needs of a variety of purposes, genres, and contexts.

The English Department encourages the development of personal reading and writing habits to enable students to become flexible, strategic readers and writers. In reading, students learn habits that enable them to choose the most relevant strategy for selecting a text and the most appropriate strategy for understanding the text, whether exploring the metaphors of a poem, the theme of a novel, or the rhetorical purpose of an academic research article. In writing, students learn the fundamental steps of any successful writing process, but are encouraged to develop an understanding of which strategies work best for them at various stages of writing.

Mark Childs
HS English; IB Coordinator