History at MCDS

The History department believes that students should be able to develop an understanding of history as a discipline, including the nature and diversity of its sources, methods and interpretations, describe the purpose and significance of government and political systems and how their powers are acquired, used, and justified, demonstrate an understanding of the impact of historical developments at national, regional, and international levels, and develop an awareness of historical identity through the study of the historical experiences of different cultures.

To that end, assessment of sources, using the IB-prescribed method of “OPcVL” is used in all of high school history classes. OPcVL is an acronym which means that in order to determine the value and limitation of a source (the ‘V’ and the ‘L’), a historian must find the origin, purpose, and content of the source (the ‘O,’ ‘P,’ and ‘c’).

Students producing clear, coherent critical analysis substantiated by historical knowledge is the primary goal of the History department at MCDS.