Music at MCDS

by Jon Schipper, Music Department Chair

The MCDS Music Department strives to create a comprehensive and relevant music education for each child, promoting an optimal balance of structured discipline and creative license.

Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, dedicated MCDS music faculty introduce students to basic musical concepts through singing, playing instruments, movement, and listening. In first grade, all students add semi-private piano lessons to introduce them to the joy of playing.

By middle and high school, students study formal music theory, analyze complex musical excerpts, compose music, explore a wide range of music history and enjoy ensemble playing through choices of jazz band, orchestra, and choir.

High school music students benefit from the exceptional IB music curriculum, as well as higher level performing opportunities.

Yearly events include concerts, recitals, Jazz Showcase Night, Fine Arts Week, and the theater department’s musical.

Jon Schipper
Music Department Chair;
MS/HS Music; Band