img_8882_400pxPE and Health at MCDS

by Jeremy Clements, Physical Education Department Chair

The Physical and Health Education Department at MCDS promotes an environment where students can actively engage in a variety of movement activities while developing leadership skills and a pursuit of lifelong fitness. This entails a process of offering semester long courses that range in activities from team sports, fitness training, racquet sports, yoga and aerobics.

Our commitment to building healthier students revolves around developing the Five Components of Fitness which includes an understanding of kinesiology and nutrition. Health Education is a meaningful portion of ninth grade as students work toward developing personal wellness through their understanding of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness.

Our Goals:

  1. To develop actively engaged students who pursue lifelong fitness
  2. To promote healthy lifestyles and personal wellness

Jeremy Clements
Athletics/Physical Education Department Chair;
Athletic Director; MS/HS Physical Education