Science at MCDS

by Sarah Kendrick, Science Department Chair

From the youngest to the very oldest grades at MCDS, we attempt to nurture students’ intrinsic sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. This inquisitive nature is harnessed to help guide our study as one scientific question builds on another. Doing so allows students to learn both the process of doing science as well as the content. Students organize and communicate their information in many styles from maintaining a lab notebook to preparing a research paper. With a scientific process at its core, students develop increasingly sophisticated understandings of questioning, hypothesizing, developing methods, observing, analyzing, and concluding. Thus, our goals as a science department are to:

  • Nurture a sense of creative curiosity
  • Foster increasing independence in the scientific pursuit of and communication of knowledge
  • Develop skilled critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and team players
  • Promote an ever increasing level of scientific literacy, which will enable them to understand advancements in science, evaluate competing claims, and be open-minded about new ideas

Sarah Kendrick
Science Department Chair; MS Science