The Actor’s Toolbox

The course introduces the beginning actor to the fundamental vocabulary, skills, and concepts required to perform in theater, film, and television. The focus is on individual acting, voice, and movement skills necessary for solo performance, auditions and monologues. Each element is explored with practical applications in an environment encouraging creativity, focus, discipline, and control. Using improvisation, observation, exercises, theater games, text analysis, and monologue work, each student creates their own “actor’s toolbox” and lays the foundation for future performance courses. The course explores the actor’s role in making compelling and engaging theater.

Students build on innate talents and capacities to become more mentally flexible, emotionally fluent and controlled, physically expressive, as well as more articulate, disciplined, and self-confident.

Scene Work: The Art of Acting

The tenth grade theater class centers on working in space with others by developing ensemble and scene work. Theater explorations focus on teachings of Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, and Michael Chekhov. Scene work actively explores the theater of ancient Greece, Shakespeare, Commedia dell’ Arte, Modern Realism, and World Theater. The actor’s work is coordinated with voice and movement training applicable to each style and genre. Students emerge from the class with a comprehensive understanding creating a physically and physiologically complex character while becoming a more mentally flexible, emotionally fluent, and physically expressive human being.

Theater Electives

Theater Elective

Theater Department offers a middle school and high school elective. The elective courses are designed as stand-alone workshops in voice and speech, improvisation, monologues, stage combat, the International Phonetic Alphabet, auditioning, and public speaking.

Improv Comedy

The improv team, through exercises, games, and performances, will take their improvisation skills to a new level. The improv company elective may have an opportunity to perform with other area improv troupes off-campus and host a informal open mic on campus.