World Languages at MCDS

by Patricia Jaume, World Language Department Chair

The World Language Department at MCDS promotes an environment where students can successfully integrate communicative skills in order to achieve intercultural understanding and respect for cultural diversity. This entails a process by which the student moves from studying language as a discipline to using language as a means of communication.

We believe in a multiplicity of approaches when teaching language to better engage all types of learners. The emphasis is mostly communicative, where learners express themselves in  an encouraging class environment conducive to risk taking. We promote opportunities that go beyond the confines of the classroom, in which students use critical thinking skills to expand their awareness of the world.

Our Goals:

  1. To teach students strategies for effective communication
  2. To promote cross-cultural awareness, understanding of and appreciation for other languages and cultures
  3. To foster a communicative environment


Patricia Jaume
World Languages Department Chair; MS/HS Spanish