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We don’t assume that our school is right for everybody. Our commitment is therefore to provide more than information—it is to allow you to truly experience Madison Country Day School.

Your virtual or in-person visit is customized for you based on what you would like to discover and what information you find important for you and your family. The length of your visit experience will depend on your selection from our suite of virtual admissions opportunities.

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Reopening Plans

Learn about how MCDS is reopening safely for the 2020-21 school year.

A Day in the Life of . . . MCDS In-Person Students 2020-21 Start-of-School-Year Plan Before School Daily Symptom Screening at Home Parent completes a temperature and symptom screening via text message before leaving home. Arrival at School Drop-off Student arrives and enters through division-specific door. Parents stay in their vehicles (except Pre-K and K may have one parent escort into the building). Screening All persons entering the building who did not complete screening via text message will be screened at the door. School Day Classes All-Modes Schedule Remote and in-person students will follow the same schedule. See example schedules from Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Middle School Grades 5-8, and High School Grades 9-12 at www.madisoncountryday.org/all-modes-schedule. Concurrent Classrooms In-person and online students will be in the same classes at the same times. Students attending in person will be using laptops when the teacher is remote. Additional Faculty Support MCDS is hiring additional educational assistants and subs to help cover remote teachers with students who are attending in person. All classes with a remote teacher and in-person students will have an MCDS employee in the classroom with the students. Between Classes Recess and Passing Times Students will limit their travel around our campus. Students will stagger passing and recess times throughout the day, maintaining social distancing at all times. Storing Items Most students will store their items in their classrooms or backpacks. Locker and cubby availability will be limited this year to help prevent groups of students from gathering. Lunch Lunch will be in classrooms, or outside if weather permits. Hot lunch is still available. Study Groups, Individual Teacher Appointments, and other opportunities to connect After School Pick-Up MCDS is currently testing an app that will allow students to remain in their classrooms until the person picking them up has arrived at the building. Sports, Extracurriculars, Extended Day, and Other Activities To the greatest extent possible, students will remain grouped in their divisional cohorts for these activities. MCDS Remote Students Start and End of School Day 7:45–8:15 a.m. Student entrances open. Screening begins for in-person student arrival. 8:20 a.m. Classes begin for both in-person and remote students. 3:30 p.m. Classes end for both in-person and remote students. Remote Attendance Remote students will attend classes via video, using Zoom. Every classroom has been equipped with a webcam providing a wide view of the room, to help remote and in-person students feel more connected. MCDS Traditions & Student Life Stay tuned for more details about MCDS Virtual Assemblies, MS/HS student-led clubs during lunch time, and all of the traditional LS Homeroom and MS/HS Advisory activities that make the MCDS experience special—all will continue, accessible to both remote and in-person students. Sports, Extracurriculars, Extended Day, and Other Activities Many extracurriculars, athletics and other after school activities will be offered in remote or dual format for remote students. Remote options will be clearly indicated on the quarterly signup. Notifying MCDS About Your Choices MCDS students and families have the option to switch modes between in-person and remote when the in-person option is available. MCDS requests 2 business days’ notice to prepare for the mode switch for your student. And, we request that the decision be made for a full week at a time. Of course, if your student is sick or needs to quarantine, switching to remote learning with less than 2 days’ notice is absolutely allowed.