Looking Back with Fond Memories and Moving Forward Prepared

With the class of 2019, MCDS graduated its thirteenth class, and our students report a smooth and successful transition moving from high school into the college or university setting.

Note from a Graduate

“I came to MCDS in eighth grade yearning for a new and more challenging educational experience. In my first year at MCDS I worked very hard, simultaneously making up for deficits as well as attempting to master the MCDS curriculum. Throughout the years, the teachers and curriculum continued to give me an education experience which was both enjoyable and challenging; this allowed me to reach my true potential. MCDS gave me a work ethic. The education provided not only the tools for cognition but metacognition. Outside of class, I made friends with people different from myself, which helped me to overcome the societal boundaries which so often are divisive elsewhere.

Madison Country Day provides excellent preparation for the future. Without any set-in-stone career plans, superior college counseling helped me choose a few select colleges to apply to. I finally chose Luther College, a liberal arts college in Iowa, where I will likely double-major in History and Religion. I also will sing in one of many choirs and participate in the selective Honors Program. Luther understood the value of an MCDS education and backed this up with a significant scholarship commitment. Luther reminds me of MCDS in so many ways, from the rigorous academics and the enveloping community, to the river running through the beautiful campus. I know I have chosen the best place for me to spend the next four years.”

—MCDS graduate

The college advising program at MCDS is designed to assist students and families in identifying colleges and universities that will best match a student’s strengths, interests, and aspirations beyond high school. Our students have been accepted to top colleges and universities.