Faculty Focus: Jake Eaton

May 29, 20200 comments

Jake Eaton

Jake Eaton has been working at MCDS for 12 years as the sixth grade science, high school physics, and high school chemistry teacher, and he is currently the science teacher for seventh and eighth grades.

He is the science department chair and a middle school advisor, and he coaches Science Olympiad, cross country (founded the program), and Ultimate Frisbee (founded the program).

MCDS asked Jake a few questions:

Q: What are one or two ways you feel that you connect with students?

A: I try to listen to what they have to say.

Q: Favorite unit and why?

A: I have so many, but I really like the seventh grade engineering project and the eighth grade research paper. I love to see how students bring their unique personalities to their projects.

Q: Funniest moment that happened in one of your recent classes?

A: I had the students make and describe rock candy to explore the formation of crystals. They were supposed to describe it as if they were a cooking show participant. Some of them were pretty funny.

Screenshot from a rock candy-making online presentation by some of Mr. Eaton’s students

Q: When you are not teaching, what are some activities you like to do when you have time?

A: I love to cross-country ski. It’s beautiful and quiet and I get a great workout. Plus, you can even do it in the summer with rollerskis!


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