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Have a Nice Davis Blog by Interim Head of School Devon Davis

Five Minutes

It’s 10:53 on a Friday.

I’m sitting in my office, catching up on some emails. In the background is the high school orchestra rehearsing for Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day this afternoon, playing pieces from Kansas and Led Zeppelin.

A couple middle schoolers just walked by. One asked the other, “Did you find that article biased?” The other said, “Extremely!” They walked off, discussing the article they just read in class.

The school receptionist just popped in to tell me that an eighth grader went out to the sidewalk to clear it of debris ahead of our visitors arriving this afternoon.

I sent an email to the MS Student Council to ask them to eat lunch with our upcoming accreditation team of visitors on October 15. I received a quick “thank you for letting us know” in response.

I read a communication between teachers and a parent about making a plan to help the student work on his time management skills.

It’s 10:58 on a Friday. What a great place to be.

—Devon Davis, Head of Middle School

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