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Halloween at MCDS!

I love greeting students as they enter our building every morning, but there is no day when I like this more than Halloween. There is not a morning full of more creativity and joy than the morning of October 31 at MCDS.

Today in school:

I spotted a unicorn and a Ninja playing four-square together at lunch recess.

I listened to Harry Potter eagerly suggest an appropriate participial phrase to make a sentence more interesting.

I watched two Barbies and a Care Bear collaborate in an attempt to solve Einstein’s riddle. (By the way, we are soon starting up a 6-8 grade Math Counts team, led by Allison Dickman. If your child loves solving challenging math problems, this could be a great fit! More information will be forthcoming.)

I overheard a LS student explaining to his teacher that his “brudda” taught him, “Trick or treat, smell my foot…” and the teacher seizing this teachable moment to explain that it is feet instead of foot, since feet rhymes with treat, and isn’t rhyming fun!?

I witnessed hundreds of smiles at drop-off from parents and students who were surprised by the live floaties courtesy of a junior and his Halloween-loving mother.

I spotted two of the three little pigs, their buddy Piglet, and a shark working together on a visual representation of the Second Amendment in history class.

I thankfully avoided receiving a reading penalty from Officer Stenroos.

I saw a cow learn to light a candle with a match as he and his classmates formulated an answer to the question, “What does a candle need to continuously burn?”

I witnessed humans and zombies playing Ghosts in the Graveyard in PE class.

I watched an alien play the xylophone during the LS Halloween parade.

Just another day in the life at MCDS. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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