MCDS Alumni: Where did they go?

Alumni Events

Brown Bag Lunch Series

  • 2/26/21, 12:00PM CT
    SPOTLIGHT TOPIC: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • 6/25/2021, 12:00PM CT
    SPOTLIGHT TOPIC: Social-Emotional Learning
  • 8/27/21, 12:00PM CT
    SPOTLIGHT TOPIC: Back to School update with Mark Brooks, Peter Locke about the upcoming school year, Alumni Involvement, 25th Anniversary, etc.
  • 10/29/21, 12:00PM CT
  • (TENTATIVE) 12/31/21, 12:00PM

Alumni Happy Hour Zoom

  • 4/2/2021, 5:00PM CT
  • 5/28/21, 5:00PM CT
  • 7/30/21, 5:00PM CT
  • 9/24/21, 5:00PM CT
  • (TENTATIVE) 11/26/21, 5:00PM CT

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Connect with the MCDS Alumni Association

A Note from Alumni Association President, Tori Seaver

Hello MCDS Alumni,

My name is Tori Seaver and I am thrilled to be MCDS’s new Alumni Association President. My family has been involved with MCDS since 2008 when my brother R.J. and I started sixth and seventh grade, respectively, and my father has been the Director of Facilities since 2013.

After I graduated from MCDS in 2015, I attended the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK, where I earned a full-tuition scholarship for oboe and received Bachelor of Arts degree in music, in addition to a certificate in international studies and minors in anthropology and Spanish. During my time at TU I was able to work as a research assistant in the anthropology department, and I volunteered as a University Ambassador with admissions. I also held positions in Greek Life and was heavily involved in music while on campus in Tulsa, in addition to completing study abroad experiences in Dublin, Ireland; Lyon, France; and Milan, Italy.

This fall, I started a master’s program through University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business, and in May I will be receiving a Master of Arts-Business degree with a focus in Arts and Creative Enterprise Leadership. Through this program, I have the opportunity to sit as a nonvoting board member at a local nonprofit called Community Immigration Law Center, and I am working as a Marketing Project Associate for Madison Symphony Orchestra. I am looking forward to a career in the nonprofit sector and I am ecstatic at the opportunity to be a leader in the MCDS community.

My goals as the MCDS Alumni Association President include strengthening relationships between the school and alumni, as well as building connections within the alumni community. I thoroughly believe that this is the moment to focus on bringing people together as we travel through this time of uncertainty in the world. I hope to remain as open as possible and work to include alumni, both current and forthcoming, to ensure that the MCDS Alumni Association is a robust community that encourages networking, mentoring, and making connections.

I am grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to serving the MCDS community.

With gratitude,
—Tori Seaver