Community Service Day

MCDS students visited Second Harvest Food bank and Heartland for a day of community service work. Students showed enthusiasm and determination to do their best in every activity.

At Second Harvest Foodbank, we learned about the difference between the food bank and the food pantry and how many volunteers and organizations help ease hunger in our community and across Wisconsin. We packed some produce and had a snack before we departed for Heartland. At Heartland, we had our lunch outdoors, admiring a calming landscape with native plants and listening to the songs of the roosters. We learned that the ostrich-like emu, which Hartland adopted when their previous owner could not keep these birds, can thrive in Wisconsin! Our favorite animals were twin goats and roosters that allowed the students to hold them for a while. The students took care of some shrubs and worked on preparing dirt baths for the chickens (everyone needs a bath from time to time!).