Big Hairy Fundraiser Shines Light on MCDS’ Generosity

For three weeks in early November, the students of MCDS showed how generous they can be as gifts of pocket change and volunteer time poured in.  The Fundraiser took on something of a new face this year, with three different events planned, one for each devision.  The Big Hairy Social was a chance for our Middle School students to spend an evening playing games, dancing, and eating pizza after a week of pledging donations.  The Big Hairy Caper was a week-long game played by High School students for the right to choose Head of School Luke Felker’s wig for a week, and our youngest students spent the last week of the Fundraiser guessing at Mr. Felker’s Big Hairy costume.  The Big Hairy Fundraiser was a great success, and helped demonstrate the incredible attitude that exists throughout the MCDS community.  So, many thanks to those who pledged to give of their time or of their treasure to MCDS, we couldn’t ask for more supportive students.