Five Ways to Empower Your Child through the College Admissions Process

Empowering-your-child-through-the-college-admissions-process_CROPPED_smDo you have a middle or high school student thinking about college? Get the real scoop on the college admissions process from professionals who find great match colleges for students every year. Learn the realities of common college admissions myths and how to help your child chart their own course to success in college and beyond. Don’t miss this chance to feel better prepared and help your child. Open to all families and their children. ​No charge.

6:15-7:45 p.m.
Monona Library
1000 Nichols Rd
Madison, WI 53716

Learn from:

Lynn Schweber
College Advisor
MCDS High School

Lynn has been at MCDS since 2005. She has BA degrees from Harvard
and University of Washington, and MA degrees from Yale and Temple
University. She has taught at seven colleges and universities, both
internationally and in the US, as well as serving as the college advisor at
an international high school. She is an alumna interviewer for Harvard
and Yale.

Steve Soden
Head of MCDS High School

Steve is in his first year at MCDS after serving in a variety of roles at
college preparatory schools on the East Coast. He has over a decade of
experience as a high school teacher and administrator. Additionally, having
been a head football coach, Steve has guided students through the intricacies
of the college recruiting process. Steve has a BA degree from University of
Minnesota and an MAEd degree from Michigan State University.


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