Introducing Sci-Fri Fridays! See what’s happening each week in our science classes.

The Science Department at MCDS has a curriculum that flows from Lower School to Middle School to High School. From the youngest to the very oldest grades at MCDS, teachers nurture students’ intrinsic sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. 

Student holding "mama alien."

Each Friday, we will feature some learning that happened that week in science.
This week, MCDS students in Grade 6  had a visit from some “alien babies.” These creatures had strange arms and legs that did not seem to work like those of a human. Students were challenged to figure out what was going on inside of these creatures that made their arms and legs so different from ours!

The Goals of the Exercise Build Upon Each Other
The first goal of this activity was for students to practice constructing explanations for phenomena they cannot see directly as well as use relevant evidence to support their claims. Scientists cannot always directly observe phenomena so they must rely on indirect observations to make conclusions.

Boys discuss how the device might work.Girls working on their experimental device.Another goal of this activity was using models to test a hypothesis. After making initial observations, students came up with a tentative hypothesis which they then built physical models of. Their models allowed them to see more clearly if their initial hypothesis was confirmed or refuted. 

The last goal of the activity was for students to practice sharing their ideas with their peers and seeing the value in collective problem solving. Through communicating their ideas with their classmates they were able to more clearly understand the evidence as well as use this evidence to make more accurate claims about how the device worked. 

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