MCDS science program is featured in latest edition of Onward

The third issue of MCDS’ school magazine casts a spotlight on the science curriculum and faculty. Find all issues of Onward here.

From the feature article:

Science education is a hot topic.

As news stories report again and again that American students lag in science performance, parents wonder how their children will fare in our increasingly technical world. Will their students understand the scientific information they face each day? Will they be able to compete in the global marketplace?

The philosophy at the heart of the MCDS science program answers these questions. At MCDS, students learn critical thinking skills that go far beyond simply memorizing science facts. Students focus on problem solving in science class by learning how to ask questions and how to answer them. They plan experiments and make predictions about outcomes. Hands-on work teaches them how to gather and analyze data. In short, students at MCDS learn how to “think like scientists,” which prepares them for success in all areas of life—not just science. Explains Kathleen Franzen, who teaches high school chemistry at MCDS, “Learning to ‘think like a scientist’ means learning to observe, experiment, analyze, deduce, infer, and make meaning from the world around you.”