Outstanding Opportunity for New Students to Join MCDS Middle and High School

Do you know a motivated student entering Fifth to Ninth Grade next year who is looking for a more challenging academic experience and supportive community? Encourage this prospective student to apply for The Prairie Hawk Merit Scholarship!

The Prairie Hawk Merit Scholarship is a one-year, full-tuition scholarship, renewable for up to $7,000 every year through graduation from MCDS High School and is awarded to up to five applicants each year. Applications are due March 12, 2014.

MCDS started the scholarship three years ago in order to broaden access to an independent education for area students. Twelve Prairie Hawk Merit Scholarships have been awarded to local students in the last three years.

“These select Prairie Hawk Scholars benefit from MCDS’ world-proven curriculum that produces critical thinkers and effective communicators, as well as personalized attention from smaller class sizes. In turn, the MCDS community benefits from welcoming additional engaged, well-rounded students,” said Luke Felker, Head of School.

Prairie Hawk Scholars demonstrate a fierce work ethic, relentless pursuit of learning, creative approach to challenges and commitment to their communities through their applications.

Sixth Grade student Drake Moschkau, a 2013 recipient of the Prairie Hawk Scholarship, outlined the difference he felt between MCDS and his previous school with particular attention to the increased standard in the classroom, “I really like being here because it challenges me more academically.”

Ninth Grade students and fellow Prairie Hawk Scholars Pearl Beach and Matthew Raihala shared similar sentiments.  Matthew noted the increased opportunity the Prairie Hawk Scholarship opened up for him, “There’s a bigger range of things that I might do now than I would’ve done if I’d gone to a different high school,” he said. “[At MCDS] you get exposed to more fields in a bigger way than you would elsewhere.”  While increased academic rigor is certainly a hallmark of MCDS’ independent education, the sense of community at the school does not escape these students. “The community [includes] intermixing between the grades,” said Pearl Beach. “I have lunch with the sophomores . . . I walk a Kindergartner from the bus to her class every morning. The school is more interconnected than my old school.”

“We encourage any student who loves to learn and support the community to apply for the Prairie Hawk Merit Scholarship. The scholarship is a tremendous opportunity for both new students and our growing Middle and High Schools,” said Dana Asmuth, Director of Admissions and Marketing.

More information on The Prairie Hawk Merit Scholarship can be found under the Admissions section of the MCDS website.