Learning at MCDS is not limited to the classroom. Each year, students are presented with a wealth of opportunities for activities beyond the curriculum. These activities range from student-led electives, to extracurricular clubs, to theater, to Model United Nations.

A specific area of focus is giving older school students the freedom to create their own electives. This provides students with valuable leadership opportunities, as well as allowing them to pursue their own interests and passions. Middle and high school students choose from a wide array of student-, teacher-, and volunteer-led electives every Tuesday and Thursday. The message is simple: if you have an interest, you will be able to pursue it at MCDS.

Outside the school day, MCDS hosts a variety of daily extracurricular clubs and classes for all division levels. Most electives change or renew every quarter. Here are some of the things students can experience in the 2018-19 school year:


Mandarin Club (Grades 1-5)*
Learn to read and speak Chinese!
*Kindergarten students with Chinese language experience may also register.

STEM Club: Build it! Test it! Improve it! (Grades 2-5)
Use the Engineering Design Process to solve Civil and Mechanical Engineering challenges!

Junior STEM Club: How Does it Work? (Grades K-1)
Have fun with hands-on STEM!

Bug Club with Mrs. VanBrocklin (Grades 1-2)
Science gets creepy-crawly in this fun, hands-on club!


Sports and Athletics

Girls on the Run! (Grades 3-5, seasonal)
Develop mentally, socially, and emotionally while training for a 5K!

Intro to Martial Arts (Grades 1-4) and Junior Martial Arts (Grades Pre-K – K)
Train your body, build your focus, grow your character, and have fun!

Mighty Hawks (Grades 1-2)
Train seasonal sports-skills with Ms. Schmidt!

Strength Training (Grades 2-4)
Move and be fit with a certified strength coach!


Visual, Musical, and Performing Arts

Art Club (Grades 3-5) and Junior Art Club (Grades K-2)
Delve deeper into art with Ms. Gustafson!

Bollywood Dance (Grades 1-4) and Junior Bollywood (Grades Pre-K – K)
Experience Bollywood dance with Mrs. Sachdeva!

Guitar Stars (Grades 1-4)
Earn skill stripes for your guitar strap as you learn to play guitar!

Lower School Play (Grades 3-4, seasonal)
Be a part of our famous musical tradition! All experience levels welcome.

Stage Stars (Grades 3-5) and Junior Stage Stars (Grades K-2)
Learn the craft of stage acting with a professional theater instructor!


Special Interest

Beginner Sewing Club (Grades 5-12)
Learn to sew your own projects and clothes!

Build a Website with Java (Grades 5-8: Intermediate)
Learn the Java Script that will let you design a website from scratch!

Chess Club (Grades 1-12)
Learn the game and become a pro strategist!

Cooking Club (Grades 5-8)
Learn to cook with Chef Lily Kilfoy of Willy Street Co-op!

Foundations of Website Development (Grades 5-8: Beginner/Intermediate)
Learn, manipulate, and master the HTML and CSS building blocks of websites!

Humane Society Club (Grades 3-8, seasonal)
Become a wildlife expert and advocate!

Knitting Club (Grades 1-4)
Knit your own scarf with a knitting expert!