Welcome to Madison’s summer program:

Summer Discovery

The mission of MCDS Summer Discovery is to engage and captivate young people’s imaginations in project-based, hands-on experiences. Spending the summer on our inspiring campus and working in our Science laboratories and Technology Makerspace, participants will gain a conceptual understanding of how technology, science, and nature interrelate, experiencing all aspects of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education.

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The courses listed below are examples of the enriching programming we offer every year at Summer Discovery.

  K–Grade 2* Grades 3–5* Grades 6–8*

Session 1

Biology: Bugs, Body, and Bacteria


Booming Biologists Campers explore the tiny world of insects and microorganisms to learn about their growth, homes, and diets. We will also study plants and the human body in order to gain a better understanding of healthy habits.
Carbon Crew Campers dive into a microscopic world to look at cells, bacteria, and teeny-tiny bugs. Animal and plant life—cycles, habitats, and food sources—will be examined. Students will take an in-depth look at the systems of the human body.

Cybernetic Cloners Campers will identify the classifications of the animal and plant world. Students will learn the method of microscopy as they view life in forms too tiny for the human eye. Engaging units on human anatomy and systems will be covered.

Session 2

Technovation: Programming Sensors, Machines, Robots, and Drones


 TechnoTitans Students will program drones and robots on missions involving course navigation, music, artwork, and even a high tech fashion show. Students will also connect motors, speakers, and lights using simple circuits.
RoboRaiders Drone obstacle courses and robot tractor pull competitions highlight some of the programming challenges. Students will explore circuit combinations to wire motors, speakers, and light shows.

MechMarauders Mazes and Obstacles are just a few challenges the students will endure during the coding competitions. Students will also scheme and test wiring inventions. LittleBits theft systems and pet feeding devices will highlight a few circuit projects.

Session 3
Design Construction: Innovative Builders


Crew Constructors Campers will use design thinking to construct shapes and structures that serve a purpose. Bridges, buildings, and boats are all up for grabs in this problem-solving unit. Instructors will guide the students to plan, evaluate, and modify designs. Students will be introduced to various tools needed to complete tasks. Tool Techs Campers will design various structures and then modify/redesign following the design process model. Hand tools and light power tools will be introduced while students construct final products. Bridges, coasters, and treasure boxes are just a few of the choices campers can plan, evaluate, and modify.
Eminent Engineers Campers use design thinking to craft solutions to real-world problems! Basic engineering concepts will be used during classroom challenges. Learn about mechanics and motion, and make your own mini amusement park and roller coaster.

Session 4

Art Design: Imaginarium


Artful Agents This week is loaded with projects including digital art, light and color patterns, sculpting, painting, collage, and comic design. Marvelous Michelangelos Art projects galore filled with traditional and digital projects that include: Cricut T-shirt designs, 3-D printing, nature photo collages, and green screen video productions. Creative Conceptualists A portfolio worth of projects to satisfy the most creative minds. Fire up the kiln, sculpt, melt, carve and print to your heart’s desire. Don’t forget to film a movie to boot!

Session 5

Math, Music, and Coding: SoundzAboundz


Code Crunchers Mathematical and musical games motivate campers to take risks in creating their own patterns and composing their own works. Students will use traditional instruments and even combine their music with the class to create a digital band. Binary Beasts Students will use logic puzzles, math games, and coding of the MakeyMakeys in order to play music using bananas! Campers code their own Scratch games and record their own sound effects library out in the real world! Data Dynamos Dive into the MCDS recording studio and be amazed with your very own commercial jingle. Math Mystery Breakout Rooms will challenge our student sleuths. Hackathon teaches tech tips on how to modify existing codes.

Session 6

SportScience: Sports around the World


Supersonic Sportsters Learn the rules and skills to play games and sports from around the world. Try new activities and step outside your athletic comfort zone. Atomic Athletes Investigate the various sports and games from distant countries. Practice skills and techniques, study strategies, and play various activities from all over the globe. Fitness Fiends Learn about the cultural impact of sports throughout history. Explore the equipment, techniques, and strategies used. Identify fitness targets and measure growth.


Daily Schedule

9 a.m.–4 p.m. *
Each day begins with a welcoming community-building group activity to engage campers and develop friendships. Teachers then supervise small groups during 3 to 4 STEAM activity sessions where campers can build, design, and learn at their own pace. Campers have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful and expansive MCDS campus including a daily picnic-table lunch overlooking the prairie and outdoor time to play and explore. The day ends with an active and engaging campwide game or activity!


Email: Frank Devereaux, Director of Summer Programming, at fdevereaux@madisoncountryday.org.

Call: 608-850-6000

Find out about Summer Discovery 2021Summer Discovery 2020 has ended, but stay tuned for more information about Summer Discovery 2021. Sign up for our Summer Discovery mailing list to be notified when the 2021 program is announced.