Eddie and his sisterMeet Eddie and his family.

In his own words, Eddie explains why he brought a dollar on the first day of school to give to MCDS. Eddie began the #mcdsspirit of giving, the theme of this year’s Annual Fund campaign.

Hi, I’m Eddie and I just have something to say. You should know this, but everyone should give money to the school. I do it because I want to do speeches to people all over the school to help them learn about how to do poetry. I give the money because I love this school and I really want to do it.

I like MCDS because they teach me stuff. I like science, I like art, I like the teachers, and I like everyone in the school. Everyone is really nice to me. It’s really, really nice.

Thank you very much,

Eddie and family

Eddie’s mom shares their family’s story.

“We’ve been with MCDS since Katy started Kindergarten in the fall of 2017. Eddie is in 1st grade and Katy is in 2nd. We are so impressed with MCDS and our kids so look forward to going to school. We can honestly say that both of them return home every day bombarding us with exclusively positive experiences.

We chose MCDS for a few reasons. First, we were very impressed with what we heard (and eventually experienced) with regard to the academic rigor at the school. We also valued the focus on a well-rounded education that includes Spanish from the very beginning and makes time for art and music and science starting kindergarten. Most importantly, it’s obvious that the school lives its mission: ‘Every child possesses an extraordinary capacity to learn.’ Like every family, our kids have different personalities, interests, and strengths. We’re extremely appreciative of the fact that every person who comes into contact with Katy and Eddie celebrates and encourages what makes them unique. The teaching staff is incredibly dedicated and their support of our children is evident every day.”

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What’s your story?

What do you love about MCDS and why do you give to the Annual Fund? We want to feature more families in our community showing their #mcdsspirit of giving. Share your story here.