Power of Community
The Power of

We believe in the power of us. We believe that individuals working together are an unstoppable force for good. And we believe that individuals who are supported by a strong community become happy, healthy, open-hearted, socially intelligent human beings who are ready for the world ahead. 


Endless Opportunities
Dive Deep

At MCDS, we dive deep. Starting in pre-kindergarten, students have specialized teachers in art, science, music, Spanish, and physical education. Starting in first grade, every student takes one-on-one instruction in piano. At every stage, we offer more opportunities for intensive, often hands-on experiences: producing podcasts and editing magazines, leading clubs and athletic teams, conducting independent research and starting service initiatives. 


Piano Lessons

Global Excellence

A Global Standard of Academic

Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate has earned a reputation as the gold standard for highly engaged students. The IB encourages students to think across disciplines, seek their own answers to confounding questions, and develop a lifelong love of learning. Your IB education tells the world that you embrace complexity, you see beyond borders, and you apply your knowledge in the wider world.

Authentic, Fulfilling

Our students succeed in an impressive variety of ways. Our seniors don’t just get into Ivies (though some do!); they get into the schools that fit their dreams and ambitions. They become painters and marine biologists, cellists and civil engineers. They become who they want to be, and they live happy, authentic, fulfilling lives because of it.

Authentic Outcomes
Room to Roam
Room to

Our campus is a natural laboratory–an invitation to engage with the living world, and to let your imagination wander. This is a place where you can study wildlife in their habitats, see beautiful sunsets, and come to know the history of the land. Learning in this setting feels both rooted and expansive: students know where they stand and have space to dream.

A Commitment to Inclusion and

We work hard to ensure that our student body represents families of all kinds, from a wide range of backgrounds—because we know that a diverse academic community generates smarter questions and better answers, and because we believe that a powerful education is inclusive. That’s why we grant considerable financial aid each year.