Welcome to Madison’s new summer program:

Summer Discovery

The mission of MCDS Summer Discovery is to engage and captivate young people’s imaginations in project-based, hands-on experiences. Spending the summer on our inspiring campus and working in our Science laboratories and Technology Makerspace, participants will gain a conceptual understanding of how technology, science, and nature interrelate, experiencing all aspects of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education.

Discovery Courses

Try all 6 course options or stay focused on one topic and enjoy higher levels each week.

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Summer Discovery 2018

Summer Discovery 2017 has ended, but stay tuned for more information about Summer Discovery 2018. Sign up for our Summer Discovery mailing list to be notified when the 2018 program is announced.

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K–Grade 2 summer-camp-gradelevel-images_09Grades 3–5 Grades 6–9
Session 1

3D Design & Printing
Mini Makers Learn all about 3D primitive shapes, then expand your knowledge of design and modeling by constructing your own 3D shapes.  Choose from a variety of engaging TinkerCad projects, then print your creations on our 3D printer. Mighty Makers Take your ideas from imagination to fabrication. Create models in TinkerCAD and print them on our 3D printer. Create architectural designs, your own measurement tools, or maybe even a Minecraft Bobblehead. Model Makers Hone your creative Tinkercad skills with the challenge of making everyday objects. Turn 3D models into 2D build plans using Autodesk 123d Design.  Follow animated assembly instructions to create slices using the laser cutter, then reconstruct your personalized 3D model.
Session 2

Little Coders with Kodables Step into the inventive world of programming by discovering sequences, conditions, loops, functions, and variables.  Apply basic knowledge of programming language and sequence to command a robot to move forward and jump.

Little Coders with Run Marco! Explore programming concepts such as sequence of commands, different iterations, and conditional blocks with Run Marco!
Use BrainPOP resources to discover new skills in computer coding, algorithms, and programming.

Creative Coders with Tynker Bring your artistic vision to life. Code a graphic design, create a comic strip, and make math patterns with Tynker.

Interactive Coders
with Code Studio
Create programs to solve real world problems. Consider all the possiblities as you develop interactive games and fascinating stories to share with friends.

Accelerated Coders with Tynker Design a game, create an animation, code a graphic design, and make math patterns with Tynker.

Advanced Coders
with Code Studio Accelerated
Create interactive stories and imaginative games while completing the Code Studio beginner and intermediate course.  Extend your skills to delve deeper into programming topics.


Session 3

Early Animators Program your own interactive stories using Scratch Jr.  Enjoy the adventure of expressing yourself and your stories in a new way.

Artistic Animators Create a customized animated story or game. Bring your artistic vision to life as you collaborate with others and develop problem-solving skills.

Animators with ScratchED 1 Create animated and interactive art, stories, simulations, and games using Scratch. Share your creations online with friends.

Animators with Tynker 1 Design your own animated character, interactive greeting card, or animated comic.  If you already took Creative Coder with Tynker, you will continue your learning to create an animation and building more skills.

Animators with ScratchED 2 Use Scratch to code interactive stories and animations. In the process, learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively —essential skills for everyone in today’s society.

Animators with Tynker 2 Create your own animated character, interactive greeting card, or animated comic.  If you already took Accelerated Coders with Tyker, you will continue your learning to create an animation and build more skills.

Session 4

Game Design 
Easy Minecraft
Modding Designers
Enter the imaginative world of Minecraft modding, made easy and fun with Tynker. Deploy mods with one click and invite friends to explore and play!
Little Game Makers Build a variety of games to share, including Candy Quest, Dragon Dash, Puppy Adventure, Peep: Nature Walk, Scavenger Hunt, and more!
Minecraft Modding
Let your imagination run as you mod your private Minecraft server so it’s always day, spawns trees, turns water into gold, and grows flowers wherever you walk. Make the impossible possible.
Interactive Game Makers with Code Studio Create captivating games to share with Code Studio. This course is designed for campers who completed Interactive Coder with Code Studio.
Minecraft Modding
Designers 2
Design your dream Minecraft universe as you use more advanced modding to mod your private Minecraft server and forge the structures of your imagination.
Ultimate Game Makers Explore a variety of intriguing game-making ideas to build your own game or gaming applications. Enhance your game making skills with new tools learned from both Scratch and Tynker.
Session 5

Engineering & Robotics
Little Engineers Explore simple machines with marble runs, sticks, and pulleys. Find your inventive spirit as you build your own Rube Goldberg contraptions.

Little Robot Masters Construct code with colored jigsaw shaped lines in the Blocky application to build instructions for your Dash & Dot robots. Become a team with your robot to solve puzzles and fascinating challenges in the world of robotics.

Electrifying Engineers Welcome to the world of electronics! Learn about the tools and materials of electronics, the fundamentals of soldering, and the basics of electricity and circuits.

Makers with Arduino 1 Launch your Arduino journey with breadboard wiring, soldering, and coding. Gain the skills and confidence to take on almost any Arduino project you may find or create in the future.

Makers with Raspberry Pi Design and code your own games using Scratch on a Raspberry Pi. Add an extra dimension to your programs by interfacing with the Raspberry Pi Camera module and directly controlling GPIO pins.

Makers with Arduino 2 Jump into an accerated Arduino journey with breadboard wiring, soldering, and coding. Gain the skills and confidence to take on almost any Arduino project you may find or create in the future.

Session 6

Video Production 
Little Movie Makers Turn still photos into a moving video and experience the creative thrill of being the director of your very own movie.

Video Storytellers with Animoto Design beautiful videos with Animoto that include photos, video clips, maps, and music. Embellish your creations with custom transitions.

Behind the Scenes Editors Learn the craft of interviewing and getting just the right angle. Create newsworthy reports as you explore camera techniques, lighting, sound, and B-roll.

Studio Producers Learn the tricks of the cutting room floor when compiling video for editing and publication.  Further your skills with post-publishing YouTube techniques.

Live Broadcasters Learn what it takes to produce a broadcast live!  Challenge your ingenuity and fast-thinking as you present entertainment, current affairs, news, music, weather and sports programs on television.

Production Studio Masters Arrange and edit video for publication, using your artistic vision and advancing your cutting room and post-publishing YouTube skills.


Daily Schedule

9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Each day begins with a welcoming large team-building group activity to engage campers and develop friendships. Counselors will then supervise small groups where campers can build, design, and learn at their own pace. Campers will have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful and expansive MCDS campus including a daily picnic-table lunch overlooking the prairie and outdoor time to play and explore. The day ends with interactive and imaginative gaming or activities.

Each session ends with participant awards and family showcase on Friday afternoon.



Find out about
Summer Discovery 2018
Interested in Summer Discovery 2018? Sign up for our Summer Discovery mailing list to be notified when the 2018 program is announced.

Email: Frank Devereaux, Director of Summer Programming, at fdevereaux@madisoncountryday.org.

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