Welcome to Madison’s new summer program:

Summer Discovery

The mission of MCDS Summer Discovery is to engage and captivate young people’s imaginations in project-based, hands-on experiences. Spending the summer on our inspiring campus and working in our Science laboratories and Technology Makerspace, participants will gain a conceptual understanding of how technology, science, and nature interrelate, experiencing all aspects of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education.

Find out about Summer Discovery 2019Summer Discovery 2018 has ended, but stay tuned for more information about Summer Discovery 2019. Sign up for our Summer Discovery mailing list to be notified when the 2019 program is announced.

See below for information about what we’ve done in previous Summer Discovery sessions. Hover over the course name to see the course description.


K–Grade 2 summer-camp-gradelevel-images_09Grades 3–5 Grades 6–8

Session 1

Environmental Science: Explore Your World
Environmental Explorers Take hikes and photos of the prairie plants and animals, and journal about their roles. Test and examine water samples for microorganisms, and narrate a slideshow about your collected data. Prairie Power Rangers Map out the area of our prairie, collect scientific data on the various species, perform chemical tests on soil and water samples, and create a documentary about life in our prairie. Wildlife Warriors Analyze the health of the prairie by studying the wildlife, measuring soil samples, and conducting biological and chemical tests on the water. Produce a PSA (public service announcement) and post to the community.

Session 2

Technology: Mission Technovation Accomplished!
Silicon Squirt Squadron Solve mission-based problems involving safety, robotics programming, course navigation, and artwork. Geeky Gears Squadron Team and role development are crucial to solving mission based problems. Create challenge courses for drones and robots, brainstorm futuristic robots. Power Photon Squadron Program Lego EV3’s and mini Parrot Drones to complete rescue missions, draw shapes, perform surgery, and deliver secret messages.

Session 3

Engineering: Chaotic Chemistry Meets Fantastic Physics
Lil Lab Learners Slime, Bubbles, and explosions, oh my! Dive into hands-on activities that look at color changing reactions, liquid density, and gravity powered speed tests. Gravity Gurus Explore the world of chemistry and physics through a series of experiments and “messy” science. Test your lab skills as you try to solve crimes in our very own MCDS-CSI. Tachyon Technicians Learn about chemical reactions that focus on polymers, buoyancy, sublimation, and gas formation. Conduct physics experiments that include pressure, friction, and kinetic energy. Get a taste for detective work in our crime lab!

Session 4

Art Design: Imaginarium
Tiny Designers Tasty food art, creative collages, and silly skits outline a week of imagination. Use 3D software to design printable characters and then write a comic book about your animals. Crafty Creators Posterize, Stickerfy, and add special effects to your favorite photos. Take 3D modeling to a whole new level. Throw in a bit of drama with a touch of laser shows, and we have the recipe for an exciting week! FabLab Crew Create your own Photoshop work of art that can fool most human eyes. Perform your very own sci-fi/fantasy movie in front of the green screen. Decorate your room with personalized life-size room posters.

Session 5

Math, Music, and Coding: Sound Xplosion Studio
Mini Melodies Build an instrument, create online music, and practice coding—all with a goal of composing your own masterpiece. Mighty Musicians Become a DJ! Combine digital compositions, sound effects, homemade instruments, and musical codes. Jazzy Giants Compose your own hip-hop, dub-step, or even classical digital songs, or re-mix a popular song. Record sound effects using everyday objects. Design and build your own musical instrument.

Session 6

SportScience: Athlete Adventures
Active Heroes Study and build simple machines and compare to sports and animal movements. Play games and sports, then measure heart rates. SuperStars Investigate the mechanics of various top athletes. Examine how forces of friction and motion affect simple sports tasks. Design simulations using levers and other simple machines. Calculate the probabilities of trick shots. Tech-Athletes Don’t just play sports! Break down the science behind pitches, free throws, and penalty kicks. Learn how one’s physical fitness affects endurance. Use slow-motion video to capture technique and compare to top athletes.



Daily Schedule

9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Each day begins with a welcoming large team-building group activity to engage campers and develop friendships. Counselors then supervise small groups where campers can build, design, and learn at their own pace. Campers have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful and expansive MCDS campus including a daily picnic-table lunch overlooking the prairie and outdoor time to play and explore. The day ends with interactive and imaginative gaming or activities.



Find out about Summer Discovery 2019Summer Discovery 2018 has ended, but stay tuned for more information about Summer Discovery 2019. Sign up for our Summer Discovery mailing list to be notified when the 2019 program is announced.

Email: Frank Devereaux, Director of Summer Programming, at fdevereaux@madisoncountryday.org.

Call: 608-850-6000