Welcome to College Advising at MCDS

by Matt Koehler, College Advisor

Choosing a college is one of the first major decisions your child will make. While it isn’t quite at the level of choosing the right spouse, it can sometimes appear to be every bit as important. As they apply to colleges, all of us at MCDS are focused on helping each student find several “best match” colleges. We can do this because we know our students well, both in and out of the classroom. We work together to help them on their way to the next step in their education, striving to open doors to new and enriching experiences that will help them choose a career and pursue their personal interests as far as possible.

Our goal at all times is to identify a group of “best-match” colleges for each student. A best-match college provides an environment that addresses the student’s intellectual, social, emotional, and cultural needs in such a way that the experience of being in college is life changing. The challenges should be significant and lead to personal and intellectual growth. While some students find such a match in a liberal arts college, others find it in a research university or a professional school. As part of the counseling task, I provide information about these different educational settings, of course. But more importantly, I encourage students to reflect on their past learning, their interests, and their goals.

I look forward to working with each and every student in our community, helping them to plan activities and coursework in high school, providing information and personal knowledge of a variety of colleges and careers, and facilitating the college application and decision-making process. High school students are welcome to drop by the College Advising Center during their free periods to talk with me or peruse the college brochures, reference books, and test prep materials. Parents are always welcome to make an appointment for a college planning meeting.

My aim is to make the process of planning for and applying to college as enriching an experience as possible. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Matt Koehler
College Advisor