The dreamers and the architects. The creators and the adventurers. The scientists and the poets. The minds that can’t be boxed. The feet that find undiscovered paths. The hands that shape the cutting edge. An energizing, uplifting community. A bold and challenging academic experience. An education that is singular—and singularly excellent. This is Madison Country Day School: The independent school for independent minds.  

Our academic program instills essential skills and habits: critical thinking, effective communication, creative problem-solving. We make connections between disciplines; we think broadly and explore deeply; we cultivate individual ambition and collective discovery. In engaging classes and advisories, our faculty meet students where they are, help them develop minds that are courageous and compassionate, flexible and forward-looking. Our work is given shape and purpose by the International Baccalaureate (IB), a singularly engaging learning framework that is respected around the world.  


MCDS is more than an education. We’re a community that makes space for every student to become their brightest, freest, fullest self. We’re an experience that inspires students to search within and reach beyond. We’re the foundation for a life of curiosity, achievement, and impact. For bold hearts, for independent minds, for a brighter world: This is Madison Country Day School.

Building the future together
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What Sets Us Apart
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Bell Ringing
Fourth grade students are welcomed to middle school during our annual last day of school tradition.

At A Glance

452 students
40-acre campus
18 students in the average class 
Students from 32 different zip codes
34% students of color
9.2 miles from downtown Madison
32% of students receive tuition assistance
76 Faculty members
30.3 average ACT score
18 National Merit Scholars
15 High School Varsity Teams

The entire community is "all in" to support academics, social-emotional learning, and character development.

Mark Brooks, Head of School