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Grade 5-8

Welcome to MCDS Middle School! We are so happy you’re here!

The middle school years are a special time of transition where students experience greater independence, figure out who they are, and find their place in our world. At MCDS, we are here to help students in their journey from childhood to young adulthood by offering a well-rounded academic framework, a robust advisory program to support social-emotional development, and a rich array of extracurricular activities.

Middle school at MCDS is the start of the IB Middle Years Programme. The MYP is designed with children at the center with a goal of preserving students' curiosity through using an inquiry model to develop conceptual understanding. Our dedicated teachers ensure a safe and stimulating learning community and provide students with experiential learning opportunities where they can explore their passions, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate a strong sense of global awareness and empathy. We take pride in knowing each learner and serving their individual needs.

I look forward to working with and for you and your family.

With appreciation,
Rebecca Polak
Head of Middle School


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There is a wonderfully positive atmosphere at MCDS Middle School which stems from the daily interactions of students with their teachers. MCDS has not only met our son’s needs, but showed us what an amazing difference a school can make in the life of a child.

MCDS fifth grade parent

Middle School

Grade 5

Middle School, and fifth grade in particular, is an exciting time of tremendous growth. The academic journey continues with IB’s Middle Years Programme (MYP). Language Arts, history, and geography are combined together into a vibrant Humanities course.

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Grade 6

During sixth grade we see tremendous emotional, physical, and academic development. Academics continue with Humanities, science, Spanish, and the arts. Students continue to dive into music theory, ensemble and instrument lessons.

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grade 6
Grade 7

Grade 7

In seventh grade, growth is embraced and supported both in and out of the classroom. Adolescents can feel secure as they explore all sides of themselves with confidence that they will be appreciated for who they are now as well as who they will become.

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Grade 8

In eighth grade, the academic journey expands as students take on in-depth academic projects, gain confidence in Socratic seminar-style classes that build analytical and discussion skills, try new activities, and persevere to achieve personal goals.

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grade 8