The lower school athletic program emphasizes physical skills that can be applied in multiple sports situations.

Through games and drills, students learn basic skill development, fine and gross motor movements, spatial awareness and basic strategy. Students develop confidence and motivation to participate in organized and individual physical activities while learning leadership, teamwork and good sportsmanship, all of which encourage lifelong fitness.


Soccer: MCDS partners with the local Wisconsin RUSH Soccer organization to offer co-ed soccer teams in the lower school grades.

Mighty Hawks: Lower school students can hone their athletic skills in this fun sport-based after-school extracurricular led by our enthusiastic lower school PE teacher Bethany Schmidt

Martial Arts: Infinity Martial arts offers training in traditional martial arts, sport karate, self defense, and leadership skills in this after-school activity.

Mountain Biking: Bring your bike to school to explore our prairie trails in this sporty and adventurous after-school activity.


Lower School Sports