Finding Joy in
Creative Expression

Visual Arts: Students begin in Lower School with a drawing-based curriculum, as well as learning art history from around the world. Students learn five basic elements of shape as they develop a wide range of techniques and work with many mediums including clay. As students progress into middle school and high school, creative expression and problem-solving become more sophisticated.

Music: Students begin in Lower School with choir, general music and music theory. Semi-private piano lessons start in the First Grade. From piano lessons to jazz ensemble and orchestral ensemble, our students experience the joy of learning an instrument and applying all of the knowledge they learn in music theory classes.

MCDS is a proud member of the Wisconsin School Music Association

Theatre: Students enjoy extensive opportunities to explore their passion for the performing arts. A no-cut policy underlies our approach to the musicals and plays which are performed every spring and fall in our gymnasium/theatre facility. Musical performances occur throughout the year, both during the school day and at special evening performances.

Arts Overview