Lower School Art Courses

Lower School Art develops basic art skills, concepts, language, and techniques allowing for creativity and imagination to develop in the content of their work. By providing an environment for freedom of expression, confidence increases as does a familiarity with a range of art tools and materials. Projects include working with several types of drawing materials and paint, fibers, clay, collage materials, sculptures, and papier mache. Students are able to express themselves through their art as well as being able to have a chance for creative problem-solving to occur. Beyond the process of making, students gain an understanding of art through discussion and analysis of art works across time and cultures and their own creations along with the work of others made in class.

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Middle School Art Courses

In Middle School, students build on the skills acquired in Lower School to develop their own unique artwork. To help guide students on this journey, students investigate art periods in depth, discovering inspirations and influences behind the creation of artwork. Students also experiment with traditional and unfamiliar media and techniques, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking, to broaden their technical skills. Together, the historical background and experimenting with various media, inspire students' confidence in expressing their ideas, honing their own artistic identity.

High School Art Courses

In the High School Visual Arts courses I and II, freshman and sophomore art students explore the purpose and variety of visual arts in depth to communicate their creative ideas within the structured framework of a traditional art education. Students continue to learn about the language of visual arts, including art elements and principles, and hone their fundamental knowledge of composition. Students also examine various kinds of art forms from around the world through informative slide presentations and engaging class discussions. Carefully constructed art projects address two- and three-dimensional issues of composition, form, design, mark-making and color. Students experiment with drawing, painting, printmaking, digital image-making, clay and paper sculpting materials and techniques to unfold their artistic ideas.

Class of 2023 IB Art Portfolios

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IB Visual Arts Course

The International Baccalaureate Program (IB) Visual Arts Course is a two-year artistic journey that gives serious high school juniors and seniors the opportunity for a focused, first-hand experience in working with various traditional and experimental art techniques and approaches to enhance their own creations. Over the course of two years, students gradually move from teacher-guided art-making assignments and research to independent selection of theme, media, and content for their own artworks and investigation. The technical training offered by this course emphasizes proficiency with various drawing, painting, sculptural techniques and tools, the creation of real and illusionary forms, and the production of well-crafted works of art. Students also continue to observe the work of various artists from different times and cultures through slide presentations, reproductions, museum and gallery trips, and visiting artist lectures to explore the immense power of arts and motivate their own artistic voyage. An important goal for the IB art students is the development of a strong portfolio of artworks that illustrates their personal experiences and individual involvement. IB students utilize their visual arts journals to support, inform, and develop their studio work through sustained contextual, visual, and critical investigation. This practice assists students to better express their artistic ideas visually and critically evaluate their artistic growth.