As a department, we actively investigate the relationship between the process and the final product, questing for intellectual growth and self-discovery. With a foundation in Viewpoints training, students will build an ensemble that is safe, stimulating, and creative. They will have the opportunity to explore classical and contemporary works, various genres of storytelling, and modern approaches to age-old arts related topics. Whether on their feet center stage diving into a role, or analyzing lighting cues from the classroom, each student can find their place in the theatre.


Opportunities for all ages

We have theatre offerings for all age groups. The lower school produces a dynamic and engaging play every year. We have theatre coursework for students starting in the seventh grade, and we have an extracurricular High School production as well as an extracurricular Middle School production. 

As a department, we have a close working relationship with professional theatre companies and practitioners in Madison, the midwest, and New York. Through workshops, master classes, and panel discussions, students gain exposure and inspiration from the professional theatre world. 

As we grow, we continue to be committed to the growth of our students by building on innate talents and capacities that develop to make a more mentally flexible, emotionally fluent, and physically expressive human being.

Past Productions:
Fall 2023: The Addams Family
Spring 2023: Newsies, Jr
Fall 2022: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Fall 2021: Our Town
Pandemic Year: "Pandemical" an original feature film
Fall 2019: The Pajama Game
2018: Into the Woods
Theatre Photo