Advisory serves to strengthen close relationships between students and teachers, provide academic and emotional support, and foster character development and service.

Advisory provides a safe space for students to be seen and heard. These faculty-led groups blend academic support, candid conversation, and recreational time, building close connections between students and teachers. Throughout the year, advisory helps create feelings of acceptance, belonging, and safety that are necessary for learning. 

The advisory curriculum is designed by faculty advisors in collaboration with our dean of students, school counselor and division heads. Its flexibility allows advisors to pivot and plan ad hoc lessons, discussions, or activities as the need arises. The value of advisory lies in relationships, nurtured and strengthened over time, which diffuse the entire community.

All School Assembly

Assembly brings together the whole school each month to celebrate our students and community. These student-centered events help foster public speaking skills and build community across the grade levels.

IB Learner Profile traits are highlighted and brought to life each month by student speakers. Two older students lead our “Hawk Squawk” news segment, interviewing students, faculty and staff members with announcements. Assemblies often end with a roar of laughter during the rousing tradition of a minute-to-win-it competition between students or teachers. Parents are always invited to attend.