We welcomed Betsy Brown Braun, parent educator, and child development & behavior specialist, virtually to MCDS in January. She spoke to parents during our monthly parent education series on the topic “I’m Not Your Friend: Being the Parent You Need to Be.” 

Betsy discussed overparenting, underparenting, frustration tolerance, and creating an environment for children to thrive. She spoke about the three peaks for all kids to climb in order to grow: tolerate frustration, tolerate disappointment, and learn to delay gratification. 

Additional topics covered were technology, appropriate consequences, and parental self-care. 

To learn more about Betsy visit her website

Upcoming parent-ed topics include:

Feb 15

Raising Our Village: Creating a Culture of Dignity | ISACS

SPEAKER: Rosalind Wiseman, Cultures of Dignity

This webinar will help parents gain the tools to allow children to thrive.


Feb 24

The Big Picture: A Guide to Finding Your Purpose in Life | MCDS

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Mar 7

Technology & Mental Health: What is the Link? What Can We Do? | ISACS

SPEAKER: Jill Walsh, Boston University

We hear reports that technology use is associated with worse mental

health outcomes for teens, but there is confusion about how and in

what ways technology creates this negative experience.


Mar 10

“Service as Action” | MCDS

MCDS SPEAKER(S): Mark Childs, MYP and DP Coordinator & Kristina

Luedtke, PYP Coordinator


Apr 19

Boundaries Without Battles: How to Be Flexible & Firm

When Kids Need It Most | ISACS

SPEAKER: Erin Walsh, Spark & Stitch Institute

Setting limits is always a challenging part of parenting. Heading into the

summer months, it can be especially hard to know when to be flexible and

when to hold the line.