The applications of Design are as limitless as our imagination.

Design is not as much a class as it is a way of creating. The MYP Design course focuses on teaching and using the MYP Design Cycle to facilitate better creations by our students. The Design Cycle is broken down into four parts:

  1. Inquiring and Analyzing: Focuses on understanding the problem and finding what information exists about solving it or other problems like it. 
  2. Developing Ideas: Encourages students to generate a range of ideas and then choose the best to expand into a fully developed plan. 
  3. Creating the Solution: Students construct a logical plan to bring their ideas to fruition while tracking any changes along the way. 
  4. Evaluating the Solution: Students determine the effectiveness of their solution. 

This process can be applied to a wide rage of challenges from designing toys to be created on a 3D printer, to creating a new robot design, or even a new clothing design. Along the way students are learning to use items in the Makerspace Lab like 3D printers, robotics, laser cutters, electronic circuitry and more.

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